Consumers in India Expect 5G to Enhance Smart Devices Experience

5GConsumers in India expect fifth-generation or 5G technology to enhance the experience of smart devices as well, in addition to improving smartphone experience, as per a study.

23% of surveyed consumers said 5G will lead to faster communications, 22% stated 5G will help with multi-network connectivity, 20% said the new technology will bring enhanced computing and powerful processing, according to the findings by research firm Techarc.

Efficient resource utilization and real-time communication are other benefits that 5G is expected to offer.

Users are more inclined to MediaTek as being their preferred chipset supplier as they move towards the smart devices ecosystem.

“The recent consumer-centric campaigns have helped MediaTek to increase familiarity of its brand and products among end consumers. This positions the Taiwanese chipset maker at the top of the chart with 85% of the respondents aware about MediaTek and its product portfolio,” the firm said.

This contrasts to the smartphone market where both the Taiwanese fabless chipmaker and Qualcomm compete closely with each other.

“Processors continue to be key enablers in terms of main components which define the features and functions of these smart devices. Among the chipset suppliers, MediaTek appears to be in a strong position with this shift in customer preferences,” said Faisal Kawoosa, Founder & Chief Analyst Techarc.

Consumers here are buying individual personal use smart devices as well as devices for home/office automation to reinforce their “smartization” process.

“The shift towards buying smart devices for homes/offices has started in 2021. Earlier the focus was primarily on non-smartphone based personal smart gadgets like TWS, Smart Watches, etc.,” the firm observed in its findings.

While Covid-19 pandemic is a key driver behind this trend, the rapid growth of wired home broadband due to aggressive fibre rollout of telecom operators has also become a key enabler.

“The changing behaviour of consumers shifting towards a smart devices ecosystem from pointed smartphone is throwing open great opportunities for the entire ecosystem. As such smartphone OEMs have also adopted an ecosystem development strategy,” Kawoosa added.

Techarc expects the smart devices market to grow at 5.8% by revenue in calendar year 2021 and the smart connected devices are estimated to generate a total revenue of around Rs 312,689 crores.

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