ICEA Originate Committee to Proliferate Exports of Laptop/Tablet

India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) has constituted a high-level committee to proliferate manufacturing and exports of the IT Hardware (laptop/tablet) sector.


Through this initiative, ICEA envisions making India the largest manufacturing and export center globally by 2031. The committee, chaired by HP India Managing Director Ketan Patel, will create a roadmap to ensure significant investments to develop a globally competitive IT hardware component, parts, and design ecosystem in India by 2026, it said in a statement issued on Thursday

ICEA has been in discussions with global brands such as HP, Dell, Apple, Wistron, Flex, Foxconn, and their Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies to find ways to recast the IT manufacturing vision to unlock its full potential.

“The PC and tablet market is around $230 billion globally, and it is essential to create economies of scale to build a sustainable manufacturing base in India. I wish to prepare a concrete IT manufacturing roadmap for the next five years with desired outcomes regarding employment, contribution to GDP, and possible value additions,”

“The world’s top EMS companies are already in India, and the Indian companies are also learning to build electronic products for leading global manufacturers. The Committee includes powerful brands and EMS companies,” Pankaj Mohindroo, Chairman, ICEA, said.

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