India, UK Space Firms Signed an MoU for Next Gen Satellite Broadband Internet

UkAstrome Technologies, an India and US-based 5G and satellite communication product company headquartered in Bengaluru and UK-based Methera Global Communications, a MEO (medium Earth orbit) satellite constellation company have signed an MoU to establish a strategic partnership with focus on supporting India and International market needs.

As per a statement issued by Astrome, the firms aim to develop a long-term strategic technology partnership and are exploring opportunities to work on a variety of significant projects such as bringing into use of the Methera system as well as its low-cost user terminals, enabling Asian, African, and other regions to access and utilise Methera’s upcoming constellation as well as existing satellite and terrestrial infrastructure.

“The Methera system will deliver high-capacity Gbps broadband access, anytime, anywhere through a constellation of MEO satellites and low-cost user terminals. It is focused on providing connectivity across the globe to remote and rural regions as well as under-served communities. The system will support the rollout of government and private sector digital applications and growing demand for superfast satellite broadband,” the statement read.

It further added that the system will allow telecom service providers, mobile network operators, energy providers, emergency and rescue services, as well as military and other special users to connect currently unreachable, large communities and often isolated regions.

“We see a great opportunity to develop a technology partnership, extending our services and global presence. This is an exciting partnership which will involve many projects and opportunities for technology development and deployment for the telecommunications industry, across both the public and private sectors,” Astrome co-founder and CEO Neha Satak said.

Chris McIntosh, CEO, Methera Global, said it was a technology partnership combining the complementary skills and expertise of both companies to deliver high-speed broadband solutions to the much needed and underserved communities, ensuring availability anywhere and anytime.

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