Indian Companies Filed 9,500 Patents in the US in Last Six Years: NASSCOM

companiesIndian companies have filed over 9,500 patents in the US during the period 2015-21 and 138,000 technology-related patents in India during the same period, according to NASSCOM’s India Patents report.

The report is an analysis of the patents filed in the US by India-domiciled companies as the country remains a major export market for the Indian technology industry. US accounts for close to 62% of tech exports in FY2022, and would continue to drive share of tech patents as it reflects a start-up promotive and IP-right friendly environment, the report said.

Over 9,500 patents were filed by India domiciled companies in the US between 2015-2021– an increase of around 47% over 2015-2019. Also, the share of tech patents in total patents filed in the US increased to 54% over 2015- 21, compared with 52% in 2015-2019.

Out of the 9,500 patents, top domain areas in tech space were computer technology, communication technology and artificial Intelligence non-tech space were pharmaceuticals, chemistry and chemical compositions, and mechanical and structural inventions. In terms of patent assignee type, tech patents filed by individual inventors/academia research witnessed the highest growth of 60%, with Indian companies recording a growth of over 50% in 2015-21 over 2015-19. Around 400 technology patents were filed by Indian start-ups during 2015-2021, an increase of 45% from 280 patents in 2015-2019 period, the report said.

“It is highly encouraging to note that Intellectual Property creation remains a key imperative-with India’s domiciled organizations registering an increase of over 45% in 2015-2021 up from 6,500 patents during 2015-2019,” said Sangeeta Gupta, senior vice president, NASSCOM. The report was released to mark World Intellectual Property Day on Tuesday.

Software Apps, Healthcare and Medical Devices had maintained their lead as top application areas in a patent filing with a combined share of over 21% in the current study compared to a similar share in 2015-19 period.

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