KYOCERA AVX Components Corporation to Acquire ROHM Co., Ltd.’s Assets

KYOCERAKYOCERA AVX, a leading global manufacturer of advanced electronic components engineered to accelerate technological innovation and build a better future, is set to acquire ROHM Semiconductor’s tantalum and polymer capacitor business assets. The two companies recently reached a final agreement, which states that ROHM Semiconductor (ROHM Co., Ltd.) will transfer its tantalum and polymer capacitor business assets — including all of its tantalum and polymer capacitor manufacturing lines and relevant intellectual property — to KYOCERA AVX. The transfer is scheduled to be executed on August 5, 2022, and ROHM will continue to produce tantalum and polymer capacitor products and supply them to KYOCERA AVX until all relevant production lines have been successfully transferred to the KYOCERA AVX manufacturing site. This will ensure a continuous supply for ROHM customers and immediately increase the already extensive selection of electrolytic capacitor solutions available to KYOCERA AVX customers.

“KYOCERA AVX is excited to announce the acquisition of ROHM Semiconductor’s tantalum and polymer capacitor business assets and to further expand our already extensive portfolio of electrolytic capacitor solutions,” said Johnny Sarvis, CEO of KYOCERA AVX. “KYOCERA AVX is the leading global supplier of tantalum capacitors, as well as the largest supplier of high-reliability manganese dioxide (MnO2) solid tantalum capacitors for medical, military, and aerospace applications. In addition, we have four global manufacturing plants to ensure we can deliver the flexibility and capacity required by these demanding markets.”

“Our polymer capacitors also offer significant advantages compared to others’ technologies, including high capacitance ratings in small, low-profile form factors, low ESR, stability over time, and a benign failure mode under recommended use conditions,” Sarvis continued. “In addition, they are environmentally friendly, lead-free, halogen-free, and RoHS-compliant and are ideal for use in commercial, industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications including smartphones, tablets, PCs, telecommunication systems, and solid-state drives.”

“KYOCERA AVX also has an open and progressive policy on ethical supply and is the first tantalum capacitor supplier to comply with OECD guidelines and legislation on conflict minerals, which are globally impactful achievements that we are incredibly proud of,” said Sarvis.

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