NTPC to Develop Standalone Fuel Cell Project With Green Hydrogen

The NTPC- Simhadri plant in Vizag region will develop a project of standalone fuel cell based 50 kW microgrid pilot project with green hydrogen production using electrolyser. The project will be India’s first green hydrogen-based energy storage project.

NTPC Simhadri’s Chief General Manager Diwakar Kaushik said that Non- Technical Popular Categories has awarded the Standalone Fuel-Cell based 50kW micro-grid pilot project with hydrogen production using eletrolyser to Bloom Energy India Private Limited-Bengaluru at Non- Technical Popular Categories Simhadri.

The hydrogen would be produced using the advanced 240kW solid oxide electrolyser by taking input power from the nearby floating solar project. The hydrogen produced during sunshine hours would be stored at high pressure and would be electrified using a 50kW solid oxide fuel cell. The system would work in a standalone mode.

Through the project, NTPC is looking to further strengthen its footprint in green and clean fuel. If the project proves successful, it will be most useful in the difficult terrains such as Ladakh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and a few others, where there were no power grids, Diwakar Kaushik added.

The total installed capacity of NTPC is 68,567 megawatt (MW), having 23-coal based, seven gas-based, one hydro, 19 renewable energy projects. Under JV, NTPC has nine coal-based, four gas-based, eight hydro and five renewable energy projects, Diwakar Kaushik added.

Regarding the import of coal, Diwakar Kaushik said that NTPC Ltd has sought about 10 lakh tons of overseas coal and NTPC-Simhadri unit will get 2 lakh tons of overseas coal from Indonesia in the coming days. The NTPC Simhadri unit requires 35,000 tonnes of coal per day.

The NTPC-Simhadri plant was going for 100 per cent utilisation of ash. The plant was aiming for 100 per cent FGD (Flue-gas desulfurization) in all units for SO2 (sulphur dioxide) reduction before and Combustion Modification for Nox (nitrogen oxide) reduction.

Regarding the progress of the NTPC’s Rail Neer bottling Plant project, Diwakar Kaushik said that the first-of-its-kind project, a joint venture between IRCTC and NTPC Simhadri, is aimed at producing 120 tons of de-mineralised water from seawater per day is will commissioned in the couple of months, he added

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