Rohde & Schwarz Introduces Groundbreaking Thermal Power Sensor for D-Band Precision

Rohde & Schwarz, a leading player in the technology arena, has unveiled the R&S NRP170TWG(N), a cutting-edge thermal power sensor designed to revolutionize power measurements in the D-band. This breakthrough sensor is positioned as the sole market offering with full traceability to national metrology institutes (NMI) within the 110 GHz to 170 GHz frequency range, marking a significant milestone for commercializing this frequency band.

The R&S NRP170TWG(N) stands out for its ability to minimize measurement noise and drifts while ensuring exceptional accuracy and user-friendly operation. These fully calibrated, plug-and-play sensors seamlessly connect via USB or LAN to any measurement setup. Positioned as a pivotal tool in various research and development fields, including 6G mobile communications, emerging sub-THz communications, sensing, and future automotive radar technologies, these sensors offer precision crucial for complex wideband measurements.

Key features of the thermal power sensor include long-term stability and compensation for environmental temperature variations within a 0°C to +50°C range. With an impressive dynamic range of –35 dBm to +20 dBm and the capability to perform up to 500 measurements per second, these sensors deliver swift results with optimum performance. Uniquely, they are NMI-traceable RF power sensors specifically tailored for the D-band.
Researchers, developers, and production engineers will benefit from the power sensors’ ability to maintain readings below -20 dBm, unaffected by drift or external temperature changes, including out-of-band signals such as far infrared (FIR). Offering rapid measurement speeds and straightforward digital data access, these sensors are well-suited for mass production.

Daniel Blaschke, Head of Development for RF and Microwave Power Meters at Rohde & Schwarz, highlighted the collaborative efforts with national metrology institutes, stating, “Through partnering with the PTB and other NMIs, we helped extend traceability into the D-band, preparing commercialization and mass adoption of products operating in this frequency range. Rohde & Schwarz is proud to be the first to transform this technological accomplishment into a commercially viable, traceable RF power sensor up to 170 GHz.” This groundbreaking innovation marks a significant advancement in RF power measurement technology standards, reinforcing Rohde & Schwarz’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological possibilities.

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