Texas Instruments Unveils Enhanced Low-Power GaN Portfolio for Superior Energy Efficiency and Compact Design in AC/DC Applications

In a groundbreaking development, Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced an advanced low-power gallium nitride (GaN) portfolio, empowering engineers to create smaller AC/DC solutions with system efficiency exceeding 95%. The latest GaN devices, including the LMG3622, LMG3624, and LMG3626, offer integrated gate drivers and precise current sensing capabilities, revolutionizing power electronics and industrial systems by optimizing power density and reducing dimensions.

TI’s comprehensive GaN FET portfolio addresses thermal design challenges by facilitating faster switching speeds, and preventing overheating in adapters. The integrated current sensing capabilities eliminate the need for external shunt resistors, resulting in an impressive 94% reduction in power losses compared to conventional setups with discrete GaN and silicon FETs.

Key Features of TI’s Enhanced GaN Portfolio:

  1. Exceptional System Efficiency: Achieving up to 94% for <75-W AC/DC applications and surpassing 95% for >75-W AC/DC applications.
  2. Size Reduction: Significant size reduction, with a typical 67-W power adapter footprint reduced by up to 50% compared to silicon-based solutions.
  3. Compatibility: Meticulously optimized for prevalent AC/DC power conversion topologies, including quasi-resonant flyback, asymmetrical half bridge flyback, inductor-inductor-converter, totem-pole power factor correction, and active clamp flyback.

TI’s Commitment to Long-Term GaN Manufacturing:

TI emphasizes its commitment to GaN technology manufacturing, boasting a decade-long globally distributed internal manufacturing operations history. With a goal to manufacture over 90% of its products internally by 2030, the company has ensured reliable capacity for decades.

Availability and Pricing:

Production and pre-production quantities are now available for purchase on TI.com/GaN, with pricing starting at US$3.18 for 1,000-unit quantities. The components are presented in an 8-mm-by-5.3-mm, 38-pin quad flat no-lead package. Evaluation modules are also available starting at US$250, offering various payment and shipping options.

Kannan Soundarapandian, the General Manager of High Voltage Power at TI, commented, “With our expanded portfolio, designers now have the opportunity to extend the advantages of low-power GaN technology in a wide range of everyday consumer applications. TI’s portfolio is well-positioned to meet the surging demand for high efficiency and compact designs in industrial systems, including power tools and server auxiliary power supplies.”


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