UP Aiming to Become Semiconductor Hub as India Expects Massive Investment

PLIWith India estimated to receive Rs 76,000 crore investment in the semiconductor sector under the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme, the Uttar Pradesh government is aiming to emerge as a semiconductor hub in the country.

Armed with the new UP Electronics Manufacturing Policy 2020, which envisages a total investment of Rs 40,000 crore in the electronics/IT sector and creating 400,000 job opportunities, the state has started wooing the private sector players to set up semiconductor units in UP.

The Yogi Adityanath government has promised to offer a slew of incentives and support to the companies and technology startups for setting up semiconductor units in the state. The concessions pertain to speedier land allotment, capital subsidy, plug and play model etc.

Semiconductors are used in the manufacture of electronic devices, including diodes, transistors and integrated circuits, which in turn run consumer electronics such as smartphones, modern cars, TV, computers etc.

The central PLI scheme is expected to boost the semiconductor value chain in India viz. design, manufacturing, packaging and testing of microchips, and to develop an ecosystem for different industries.

“In the last 4-5 years, the UP government has been able to attract private investment in the IT and electronics sector. Top multinational companies have already been allotted land in Noida for setting up electronics manufacturing and data centres,” a senior government official said here on Sunday.

The prominent companies include Microsoft, MAQ, Adani Group, Hiranandani Group, Netmagic Services, STT and Agarwal Associates have taken the initiative to set up data centres in Noida.

He informed that under the previous UP Electronics Manufacturing Policy 2017, the state had netted a total investment of Rs 20,000 crore from 30 top investors and companies, which created 300,000 job opportunities.

“Since, big companies from China, Taiwan and Korea have so far invested in the IT and electronics sector in UP, the semiconductor players would also decide favourably to invest in the state under the recently approved PLI scheme,” the official noted.

This year, Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung has commissioned its export-oriented smartphone display manufacturing unit in Noida

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