Vehicle Scrapping Policy: Government Ready with Draft Rules

rulesThe authorities will have to respond within six days to any vehicle owner seeking no dues clearance for scrapping, according to the draft rules for vehicle scrapping notified by the road transport and highways ministry on Monday.

The ministry has sought public comments on a draft notification that specifies the format for availing no dues from various government departments for scrapping a vehicle.

Under the proposed rules, the concerned authorities will have to respond within six days of a voluntary application, else a no dues certificate will automatically be granted to the vehicle and the owner may proceed for scrapping.

Also, owner of a motor vehicle can apply for the grant of no dues for vehicle scrapping, through the ministry’s Vahan portal.

All no dues certificates shall be valid up to 30 days from the date of issuance. Once a no dues certificate is issued, the vehicle owner can make a request for voluntary cancellation of certificate of vehicle registration. The ministry has also proposed changes in rules for registration of vehicle scrapping facilities. A registered vehicle scrapping facility (RVSF) must have necessary cyber security certifications for the IT systems before start of operation for safe access to the Vahan database.

The scrapping facility will also have to verify the records of vehicles produced for scrapping with the database of stolen vehicles.

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