Zunpure Launches Smart Air Purifier

smartAs a part of its smart purity range, zunpure, an IoT based brand in Gurugram, launches smart air purifiers for its customers. As the pollution levels rise, it becomes a bigger health concern for everyone. The zunpure smart air purifier is not a big bite out of your pocket as it comes at a very impressive launch price. The best part is, these zunpure Smart Air Purifiers can be easily bought via popular e-commerce websites such as Amazon, and Snapdeal. The company’s sprawling business is committed to touching 5 million homes by 2025.

Followed by the striking launch of the zunpure smart air purifier, the Founder & CEO of zunpulse, Pranesh Chaudhary adds, “There are terrible consequences when the air quality drops, leading to terminal diseases. Advanced IoT technology is helping us in dealing with this with the introduction of smart products. With the zunpure smart air purifier consumers are empowered with real time data and are always in control of the air they breathe.”

zunpure smart air purifier can be controlled and monitored from smartphones by means of the zunpulse app. It comes with a child lock option that makes it safe to place in any room, even with kids around. It also has an option to set schedules and timers from the zunpulse app, which means you can fix a schedule to turn it on or off. It has three modes namely auto, manual, and sleep and three wind speed levels. With an applicable area of about 14-24 square meters, the zunpure smart air purifier is efficient in removing pollutants such as particulate matter, gas, and microorganisms. This stunning technology comes with efficient filters (a Pre-Filter & a Composite Carbon Cloth Filter with HEPA & Activated Carbon) to give the healthiest & purest air quality.

Since its launch in 2020, zunpure never ceased to amaze customers with its range of products that are ceaselessly providing smart purity every since. After the launch of the much-awaited Smart Air Purifier, zunpure is also looking forward to coming up with other incredible products.

Product Description: 

Do the after-effects of Diwali seem like a nightmare to you? Is the air pollution index in your city always striking the wrong digits? It is important to breathe in clean air. With the increase in pollution, it is necessary to turn on the smart air purifier for clean air and a healthy life. The next time you are in your car, turn on the air purifier to enter clean air for your family’s health. The zunpulse smart air purifier comes with all the features of an air purifier along with added features that make it smart. You can control it from your smartphone and turn it on before entering your place. It has dual filters- Pre-Filter and Composite Carbon Cloth Filter (HEPA+Activated Carbon)

Highlights & USPs:

  • smart air filtration
  • live air quality index
  • 3-layer filtration process
  • composite activated carbon + HEPA filter
  • phone se karo control
  • control from anywhere
  • family sharing


  • Child Lock
  • Set Schedules & Timers
  • 3 Preset Modes
  • 3 Wind Speed Levels
  • Easy Setup
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  1. Technology Used: IoT
  2. Filters: Pre-Filter & Composite Carbon Cloth Filter (HEPA+Activated Carbon)
  3. Applicable Area: 14-24m²
  4. Product Dimensions: 325mm x 172mm x 551mm
  5. Product Weight: 5kg
  6. Particulate CADR: 200m³/h

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